Who will you pick for DC Council at-large on April 23?

We asked...

The District has changed a lot since 1993, and will likely change much more by 2033. What are 2-3 changes you hope to see by 2033, and how will electing you to the DC Council help bring them about?

Matthew Frumin responded...

Over the next 20 years we must work to make a great city better still, strengthening our education system, creating jobs for D.C. residents and ensuring housing options for all.

We must make a series of investments in transportation infrastructure, utilities, parks and public buildings. Those investments should promote livable and walkable neighborhoods, put our people to work and impose the least burden possible on D.C. taxpayers. I have worked in the trenches on these issues and delivered results. After the modernization of Wilson High School a senior D.C. official said: "You pushed us hard, and made a real difference." I will play the same role on the Council.

A successful City requires a great education system, from pre-K to the workforce. Today, we are succeeding in some areas and failing in others. I have worked for years to improve schools throughout the City, I know what the challenges are and I have come up with creative ways to address them. I will bring that passion and expertise to the Council and be a part of solving our education issues at long last.

One change we need to avoid is the City becoming inaccessible to all but the most fortunate. We must ensure that people of all incomes can live in the City. I will be a strong advocate on the Council for practical affordable housing solutions.

By 2033, we should also have long since achieved budget autonomy and voting rights and taken our place as a state.


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