Who will you pick for DC Council at-large on April 23?

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The District has changed a lot since 1993, and will likely change much more by 2033. What are 2-3 changes you hope to see by 2033, and how will electing you to the DC Council help bring them about?

Diallo Brooks responded...

We all need to be dedicated to developing a world class public education system so that by the year 2033 we have a school system that provides each student in our city with a first-class high quality education that meets the needs of children from all quadrants and neighborhoods. This can only be accomplished holistically. We must work with education leaders to support ongoing teacher development, using best practices that ultimately eliminate deeply rooted socio-economic and racial gaps that currently exist in schools. Every child in Washington DC should be career and college ready with skills that will equip them to compete and thrive economically and socially as adults. As a Councilman I would work with Council colleagues and the Mayor's office to engage teachers, parents, community leaders and businesses in support of this critical mission. We need to examine in totality our entire structure, eliminating barriers to success and supporting the needs of every child. Fiscal oversight is vital to ensure that dollars actually touch students in the classroom. I will work to emphasize the need to structure support and incentives for teachers that encourage innovation and foster collaborative techniques, all of which must be driven by strong school leadership that creates an environment of success.

A second area of success would be to see my hometown become a national leader in incubating, supporting and sustaining small local business development that connects to the economic prosperity of the nation's capital. I will work with city leaders to streamline business regulations to make this process less restrictive for new locally owned businesses, while at the same time making sure we don't water down consumer and environmental protections. Through Council leadership, I will build partnership pipelines that help emerging businesses participate in business to business mentoring and peer support programs. By working with small local businesses and implementing economic development plans, I will insist that DC residents are able to take advantage of the economic prosperity in this city. This can only happen if we build public/private job training initiatives that prepare residents for 21st century jobs which keep pace with local emerging markets.


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